About Us

A colorful rainbow on top of the sky, a sunset from the Park Guell, the blue of the Mediterranean, a field of violets in the spring. All these images are a source of inspiration to the designer who combines colors with shapes, shaping the act of creation.

This is our job and this way of life we have chosen: to create, choose, combine and custome writing start over. Because every spectacle that leaves our studio becomes unique. Textures, shapes and colors blend once a traditional way, with different permutations in each frame.

Six months later the creation process starts again. The change of season drives us to apply concepts from the previous season in order to re-create something special in the new collection.

Some ask for success, but we know that if we stop, we perish, so we live nonstop, evolving with the newest, applying the tradition of what we experienced already and looking for answers always with the same goal: to create the glasses dreamed by each of our customers.